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Useful role of the basement in the house!

To all those who are still planning to build a house recommends to think and always recommends basement remodeling contractor.

Using a cellar

  1. Through the basement is very convenient to pull heating pipes, water pipes, sewerage, electrical wires in any part of the building.
  2. From the basement, you can make the pipe outward in an arbitrary direction: to the well, borehole, septic tank, gas main, etc. And even if you forgot to lay a pipe or wire in time. This can be done at any time through the basement remodeling contractor, and its interior is not affected at the same time.
  3. In the basement it is convenient to place a boiler room, water intake station, switchboard room, etc. A gas boiler house can be placed under the condition that: it is your own residential house, where there is natural lighting, that is, windows, and gas supply is provided by natural gas. And for this reason it is better not to deepen the basement, but to make a higher basement with narrow windows.
  4. It is a solid and reliable repository of domestic household items, tools, pickles, etc. (from thieves in winter).
  5. There you can place: a sauna with an electric oven, an inexpensive inflatable plastic pool, without forgetting about ventilation, a table for table tennis.

Advice on basement remodeling

Before any foundation is built, it is necessary to check for water problems or damage. Check the floor and the inside walls and go out to make sure the outside of the basement is in good condition. Inspect the gutters and gutters for debris to keep the humidity away from the base.


After the cellar is dry, it is important to develop a layout and make a decision on the budget. One of the first steps to take is to protect the floor with a waterproof epoxy waterproofing. The walls can also be coated with a vapor barrier or polyurethane insulation, which is enclosed in the material.

What should be guided when designing a basement?

  1. Esenin does not recommend making a basement deep, because waterproofing is very expensive and not always a successful event. Ask your neighbor if there is water in his basement. If there is not such a neighbor, then in the spring dig a hole in the place of the future house and determine the level of groundwater. Do not make the basement deeper than this level, so as not to get a pool instead of a basement.
  2. basement remodeling contractor recommends that the basement floorings be made of multi-empty lightweight reinforced concrete slabs 16cm thick. It does not matter what you put the house - wooden or brick. Of course, the plates are more expensive, wooden floors. But ZB overlap does not rot and does not burn, on the ground floor you can make a floor of tile and do not need a foundation for a fireplace or stove. And the strength of this overlap is obvious. Remember, these plates cannot be shortened, so you need to choose the right size for the length and width when ordering. Click